Monday, June 23, 2014


It's not every day that you see an African tortoise walkin' down the sidewalk. 
This guy was seen by my husband as he was mowing the lawn. He called us out to see. We kind of kept him corralled in our yard and pretty soon the whole neighborhood was over. 

I called animal control who was pretty sure that we saw a snapping turtle and should stay away. "It is probably on a mission to lay eggs."


We also put a post up on Facebook. Another neighbor saw that post and came over, because she knew exactly where that tortoise escaped from! 

So, Chomper is safe and sound with his owners who live just a block down.

 This is our neighbor. He used to teach Biology. He knew to give this guy a snack of carrots and apples.

 That's how we found him... just strollin' down the street.

 Reuben, who was out of control crying from hunger since we were home really late from church was even distracted. You should see this baby boy eat; so this distraction is saying ALOT!

Wished we had a bumper sticker, but all we had was some stickers...

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