Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Norwegian Celebration

When I received the beautiful and unique Rosemaled invitation with the words, "Norwegian costumes and attire encouraged" I knew this was going to be AWESOME. The last words on the invitations were, "Norwegian Smörgåsbord to follow." DOUBLE AWESOME.

 The earrings and the crown/veil were worn by her mother when she was married. I just love when brides use heirloom pieces.

 The ceremony took place in tiny little rustic church located on the Luther Seminary campus. Old Muskego church is literally the first Norwegian Lutheran church in the U.S. It was actually built in Wisconsin, but was transported to this location.
 The mothers wore spectacular traditional costumes.
Oh! And did I mention that the date of this wedding was May 17th? Syttende Mai; Norway's Constitution Day. Before the wedding ceremony, the church held a traditional hymn sing and then served Lefse.

 I love the proud mamas watching the wedding party come up to the church.
Also, the Groom's father and the Bride's father are both retired Lutheran pastors. What a special thing to have them officiate the ceremony.

LOVE the high pulpit. It was just really cool.

 This man... I heard him speaking Norwegian. Doesn't he just LOOK like the quintessential Scandinavian?
And he LOVED to belt out the hymns.

 The reception was held at Heman Gibbs Farmstead in St. Paul, MN.

It was a PERFECT day.

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