Monday, May 5, 2014

Gwenyth Is Three and Reuben is One!

This weekend was full of celebration for two special littles.
 I just created very simple stations that kids and parents could do at their leisure.
1. Marble Painting -- like the Pollock painting Olivia sees at the museum.
2. Simple color pages -- just found from Google Images.
3. Reading corner
4. Pin the bows on Olivia's ears.

 I think this is my favorite cake that I have decorated so far, and oh man! It was scrumptious red velvet.
This is the first time I've used a box mix in forever. I highly recommend Duff's cake mixes. They are bakery quality as far as density for decorating. I was very pleased.

Those spiral sugar cookies? AMAZING. You must make them.

 Gwenyth was is HEAVEN having more than Mommy or Daddy to play Ring Around the Rosie with.

It wouldn't be a first birthday without a collage of  "first taste of cake" photos.

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