Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Adam and Fjaere

These two have become fast friends of ours since they moved here a few months ago. I am so excited about their future together. They are both extremely talented. He is an amazing drummer (who happens to drum with my hubby in the Shillelagh Lads and the MRP). She is a fab singer and actress. 

It was an honor to photograph their special day AND to be there as their friends.

PLUS... it was an overnight trip away from the kiddos ; )

 That is Fjaere's teddy bear. Such a CUTE idea.
 I love how you can sense all of her emotion and excitement through her shoulders.

 I loved that they had their reception in the church basement. That is how it "used to be" and we need to revert to that again.

Each table had it's own pie lovingly made by the bride's mother. I had the rhubarb blueberry. MMM!

No D.J. or "dance." Instead live music jam sessions (so Adam, the groom, could drum), lawn games, and fellowship around the fire. 

If I could do my wedding again, I would pretty much copy this one : )

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sara ericson said...

i love everything about this - if i could do it all over again, i'd copy this, too!