Thursday, July 18, 2013

Daniel and Li Le

My Brother-in-law has spent the last 2 and a half school years in China teaching English. He also met the love of his life! So, we celebrated and it was beautiful.
All of these photos are the work of Miss Diana Kleven of LifeLight Image Photography. Please visit her site and blog. I promise you will be inspired!
That picture of the three brothers pretty much sums up everything about their lives together. It's my favorite picture of them. Ever.
Daniel brought that dress home for Gwenny after his first time in China two years ago. That was before Li Le was even in the picture. How perfectly amazing that it fits her perfectly for this day!
A huge THANK YOU to my family who took care of my kiddos pretty much the whole time so that I could enjoy the day visiting and doing "bridesmaidy" things.
My other sister-in-law, Karin, arranged all of the bouquets. SO LOVELY!
I made the wedding cake. It was a week long adventure of baking and decorating. I loved every minute of it.
It was seriously delicious.

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