Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nesting Projects -- Master Bedroom Makeover

I only consider this a Nesting Project, because it got done while I was pregnant, but it's been in the works for a really long time.
When Mike married me, I think I should have made him add the line "I promise to put up with your need to paint and re-decorate every three years." That's about my track record... especially for our bedroom.
First three years, it was brown walls. Next three years, a deep jewel tone green/blue. I felt bored with the decorations, and was never inspired to be in there. So about a year ago, I started planning. I wanted LIGHT! I wanted pops of color and inspiring decor.
Mike and I follow a very strict budget, but in order to keep our sanity, we do give ourselves monthly "blow" money. It's a small amount of cash that we can use however we want. Every month, I bought something for the bedroom and stashed it until I felt I had enough to make it over.
A huge blessing was the paint! It is the perfect color and it was FREE! The previous owners kept it. There was two full gallons. Everything else is thrifted or hand made.
Unfortunately I didn't take before shots. blah... Just know the color of the walls was deep jewel tone green/blue. The bed spread and curtains and such all browns and tans.
Here's the now:
 The Chenille beadspread... yea, I could NOT believe my luck. I actually book marked it on the JC Penny website when I was searching for inspiration. Two problems: retail cost was $250 and it only came it off white. About three months into collecting, I found it at Savers!!!! I didn't think it was the very same one, but it surely is. I got it for $17. Therefore, I didn't mind risking experimentation with dying. Just your basic R.I.T dye job. Probably THE luckiest thrift find ever in my life.
 Little handmade details I really like: the pillow and the ruffles added to the bottom of the curtains.

The perfect place to sit and read browse Pinterest on my Kindle.


sara ericson said...

i LOVE awesome thrift-find stories; this one is great!!! and i adore white walls with 'pops' of color.......very very nice, chris.

thousandpapercranes said...

Your "headboard" is awesome