Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nesting Project -- Bulletin Board Jewelry Display

There are quite a few DIY/makeover projects that got done over the past nine months while waiting for the little guy to come. I will eventually show them all off. Here is a small one to start.
I am a sucker for the current chevron trend, but I also know it's a trend. Therefore, I didn't want to paint a whole wall or piece of furniture in chevron. I have been looking for a way to store and display my jewelry, most of which belonged to my Grandmother.
I've had this bulletin board since I was kid. It was your basic, brown, run of the mill bulletin board.
Now, it hangs in my bathroom : )


thousandpapercranes said...

I was just admiring your board the other day. I love the yellow!

Jane said...

love this! Did you paint the board? or cover it with fabric/paper?

Christina Rambo said...

@ Jane
I painted the whole board white with a primer, used painters tape to tape off the chevron pattern. Then I spray painted with yellow. The painters tape did a GREAT job masking. I didn't need to touch up the white stripes at all. I only needed to paint the frame with white again.

Heather and Eric said...

I love chevron too, but I've heard honeycomb is the new chevron! I live honeycomb too.