Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We Can Have a Baby Now...

Imagine, if you will, a beautiful, foo-foo, guest bedroom: bright magenta walls, pink and white flowery quilt, vintage decor... the whole works. That was the BEFORE.
This picture of Gwenyth was taken on the bed in that room. I hope that gives you a bit of an idea.
Never mind the half naked toddler... with hives... ugh! Sunscreen is supposed to protect them, not give them skin conditions. That's a whole other story.
We are ready for a baby boy to inhabit this room.
Some of my favorite things:
It took me hours of pining over fabric to get the right ones. I love the giraffe print and the zebra backing. I tried to keep an animal theme in the room. In the above pictures you can see some animal prints framed on the wall.
 Hand crocheted blanket, cheap thrifted lamp that I re-painted. I am in LOVE with the wire baskets (thank you Big Lots).
And my very favorite thing is the mobile. Really, these are the first "3D" things I have sewn. I really am a very basic sewer. So, I am kinda proud of these little animals.
Here's another view, 'cause I like it so much : )
Friday, Friday, Friday! I am livin' for Friday. I have a scheduled C-section. Barring there's no women in real labor who need an emergency section, I will have a baby boy in my arms around 7:30 am.
I am ready. SO READY. More on that later...
Thanks for stopping in everyone even though it's been rather quiet around here.


sara ericson said...

love. it. all. you should be very proud. and gwenyth's buddah belly is the best i've possibly ever seen. i bet you just rub it all day long, don't you?? : ) i'm so excited for you - boys are awesome!! hope you recover well and fast from your c-section!!

Julia said...

Looks awesome. I wish I had creative talent like that. Was thinking of you the other day when I was limping into my dr. appt. I'm still saying a prayer for you and hoping that baby and comfort come soon! (Oh, and I have half naked children with hives too for the same reason. Lydia's entire face broke out with red blotches that won't go away!)

Heather and Eric said...

Best to you this Friday! I will be excited to hear the news!
Love the room. It is so fresh! And, you fooled me because I thought you bought those hanging animals!
Your sunscreen issue has me nervous. Annabel has very sensitive skin, so I hope what I bought will work for her. We've already had a heat rash and now a diaper rash. Did you have an gestational diabetes this time around?

Christina Rambo said...

Thanks for the well wishes everyone. Sara- I savor that Buddha belly every day! : )

Heather- I will let you know if I come up with a solution. Going to look at some more natural products. And, no gestational diabetes this time... BUT, doc thinks he's going to be bigger than Gwen was!