Wednesday, December 5, 2012

18 Months Old

At 18 months old: 

You love to climb and descend the stairs on your own.
You love to run and be chased.
You can point out your eyes, nose, mouth, hair, toes, belly and belly button
You say: dog, daddy, mamma, no (very well), nose, mouth, uh-oh (a lot!)
You love your snuggle puppy that you picked out on a shopping trip with Daddy
You love your real puppy, Trooper as well. You feed him a lot of your food : /
You LOVE to draw/write. If you have a pen and some paper, you are happy for hours.
You are throwing classic toddler tatrums, complete with arched back and limp body.
You still like to rock when your tired...which Mamma LOVES.
You are obsessed with Baby Einstien videos.
You blow kisses after you wave bye-bye
You give kisses and CRAZY good hugs (like you're giving Daddy in the picture)

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Heather and Eric said...

Cute, cute, cute is right! Does it surprise you that she loves to draw? So cool that she has a special relationship with Trooper; I am excited for some day when we can get a dog! You will have an awesome Christmas with her this year. It looks like Annabel must now be the same age Gwen was last Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and Mike!