Monday, August 6, 2012

Mommy Monday

What I remember most about being a kid is pretending to be an adult. My play involved living in a house and doing all the chores associated with that. I was a teacher. I was a doctor. I was a "mamma."

I remember wishing I was big enough to see over the pews at church, and wishing my hand could reach the top of the car window when my elbow was as the bottom -- like Dad when we went on country drives.

I remember SO rarely, mom brought out these cool purple frosted glasses. They were awesome, and I wanted to drink from them.

Last night, my husband wrapped up a big weekend long recording session. We celebrated with a glass of wine. Of course, Gwen noticed that these glasses were different. All she wanted was to be like us. So... we gave her some orange juice... in a wine glass.

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