Friday, July 13, 2012

Detoxing -- For the Most Part

I have tried MANY times to eat clean (for me that means, no sugar, no white flour, and no processed foods). I tend to do great for a few days and then... well, you know. I once did a 30 day stint and did marvelously and then, it was my birthday and there was cake. 

This week, I have been trying this.

I just felt I need something a bit more "disciplined" and maybe a bit more extreme in order for me to feel like my body is detoxed of all the sugar I have been putting into it lately. 

I am a sugar addict.

I don't want to be a sugar addict.

Day one -- Easy peasy. I love fruit. Lots of variety. I was concerned about half way through the day that I was feeling weak and tired. I thought there wasn't ANY way I would make it a week eating like this. Surprisingly, the next morning, I felt really good.

Day two -- Not as easy. I like the starchy veggies so, it was difficult not to just eat beans and corn all day. I cheated and ate fruit in the morning. I just could not fathom eating veggies for breakfast unless an omelet was involved. 

Day three -- Easy peasy, I was feeling good, on track. I was impressed that I felt this good without meat and carbs. Plus, I got some FAB peaches and nectarines.

Day four -- The first yogurt bites tasted SO good. It felt nice to have something other than "ruffage." The middle of the day yogurt... not tasting so good. I did NOT enjoy the lack of variety today.
I caved and ate a blueberry muffin.

Today is day five -- I woke up feeling good. Still surprised that I don't feel weak and hungry.
I am counting eggs as poultry today.
I really can't stand tomatoes by themselves. The texture makes me gag. So, I am doing two poultry and veggie days.

I'll tell you how the week ended next time : )

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