Monday, July 16, 2012

Detox -- The End


Like I said, I don't do tomatoes. So, I did poultry and Veggies. Easy Peasy and feeling great! I went out for a night with some friends and felt more confident with a flatter tummy. I had a glass of wine. They never said anything about wine...

Day 6 -- Another day of Poultry and veggies. I added Salmon to that list. 'Cause there was NO WAY I was passing up fresh caught salmon from Lake Michigan that my Father-in-law came home with. Yum! I caved and had a small scoop of ice cream. eeek...

This is the day I discovered Turkey burgers. OH. MY. Top them with guacamole side of black beans and corn. AH-MAZE-ING. Turkey burgers will now be added to my regular menu.

Day 7 -- Miracle soup day.
              I did no miracle soup.
A. It was 105 degrees outside. There was no soup cooking happening in my kitchen.
B. I had more turkey burgers calling my name and
C. Our neighbors invited us over for kabobs and sweet corn.

So, day 7 was another poultry and vegetable day...except I ate two pieces of beef on the kabob.

I am encouraged.
I didn't follow this to a tea, but it was a great guide line.
Considering all the rules I made up on my own, I am pretty ecstatic about the results.
The biggest thing I notice is that I want to keep going. I thought for sure I would be counting down the minutes until I could have some sugar.

My desire to keep on track with the clean eating is far outweighing my desire for sugar.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like we are on similar quests here... I may have to try this, but yeah, tomatoes it's a texture thing when they are raw. I can eat them roasted or broiled and cooked in things. I can even eat them on a Subway sandwich if the tomatoes are toasted.

Sugar is good. Carbs are good. But right now, I'm feeling really good since I've started limiting them. Eating family camp food all next week will be interesting.