Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Great and Lucky FIND!

The house across the street from us has always been a rental. It wasn't kept up very nicely at all and was quite the eye sore. This summer, it was sold to people that care and they have been working EXTREMELY hard to beautify it. It is such a welcome site to see!

The morning wake up routine with Gwenyth goes like this:
Greet her by peeking through the door.
Rub her little head as she stands in her crib.
Pull her out of the crib and go to the East window, pull up the shade to see what kind of day it is (today is kind of a grey day, but no rain).
Then, we go to the South window, pull up the shade to see what kind of day it is there (also a grey day...)
When I pulled up the shade of the South window, my eyes focused on this beauty sitting on the curb.

SCORE! I have been WAITING for something such as this for quite some time.
There aren't really any purchases that I don't discuss with Mike, but well... he wasn't home.


The kind gentlemen working on the house even carried it in for me.


thousandpapercranes said...

That is awesome!

sara ericson said...

very very cool! i love finding gems like this. btw, we know a couple who are moving into a rental on one of the corners across from you in august. they're a great Christian couple. : )