Monday, May 21, 2012

Mommy Monday -- Play Time!

It finally feels like summer around here. The last few days, I have been helping friends with a thrift sale, and Gwenyth has been with me playing outside for hours and hours. I love to watch her play. There is so much learning that is happening. It amazes me the new things she does daily and how some things just suddenly "click." 

I love watching her laugh as she watches the older kids play around her. It won't be long and she'll be all about keeping up with them. 

The beach ball was a solid half hour of play. It's the only toy she has shown much interest in. She is still CONSTANTLY cruising around. She is moments away from walking.


 It was good play. Filthy knees, filthy hands, filthy face, need a bath before bed play. me some sun flare.

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sara ericson said...

ohmyGOSH! molly has that same shirt. totes cute on both of them! : ) i <3 me some sunflare, too!