Tuesday, May 22, 2012

By Tomorrow, I Meant a Week...

Finally, here are some pictures from my latest theater production. I played Electra in Gypsy. By far, the funnest role I have played. She is a completely ridiculously over the top stripper. Her gimmick is that parts of her costume light up -- which explains the lights around my neck. If you are curious:

I LOVE the theater!

I love hanging out with the cast back stage...resorting to middle school games (MASH) to keep us entertained.

I love the bright lights that surround the make-up mirrors.

I love when some stars of the show aren't even human.

I love the flowers that adorn dressing rooms wishing luck from loved ones.
The card reads, "you've been my star for 31 years." How sweet is that?!
 I love the wigs.

I love the make-up.

I love watching young people SHINE on stage.

I love warm-ups.

I love wearing vintage clothing.

I love the wonder and excitement of a child's first "big people" show.

I love when bright blue eye shadow and deep red lipstick become part of a daily routine...just for a few days.
Oh!  ... and fake eye lashes. I had never worn fake eyelashes before : )
 I love glitter!
But, taking it off...not so fun.
 I love being transformed into someone that is SO COMPLETELY opposite of my personality. I love making people that I know take a second look at the program to make sure that really was Chris Rambo playing that part.
Lights around my neck. Lights on my bum, and lights on my boobs. Yup...you read right.

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Rw said...

the lights were unexpected and delightful! i was one of those checking the program, engaged by the transformation, mesmerized by the creativity in live performance. well done! Rw