Sunday, March 11, 2012

Simplify Sunday

It's been awhile... 

You are only seeing "after" shots for a while, because the "before" shots were on my computer, but not backed up when my computer crashed and went into the repair shop. I guess I deemed those pictures as "not as important." Oh well.

The refrigerator/freezer has always driven me a bit batty. I hated reaching back, looking under piles of fruits and veggies...especially on the bottom shelf of the fridge. The freezer; digging through packages of frozen meat to find venison versus, beef, or chicken. 

Baskets are a great answer. Instead of digging and reaching, just pull out the basket. Then, you can also sort things instead of jumbling them all in a big pile.

 A basket for venison. A basket for non-venison, and a basket for frozen fruit. Frozen veggies are kept in the door. 

A big basket for fruit, the smaller basket for misc veggies. Usually we have a big bowl of pre-cut veggies, but we kind of need to go grocery shopping.