Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gettin' Real... embarassingly real.

Remember when my computer was gone, in the shop for repair. Well, I got a nasty virus. Killed my computer to the point where it wouldn't even start up.

I know where the virus came from.

I am a firm believer in going only to trusted sites. I think it's a fact that you don't need all the heavy duty anti-virus software if you don't go where you shouldn't on the internet. 

Statuses everywhere on Facebook were talking about season two of Downton Abbey. It was nominated for tons of awards. I am the type that can't jump into a second season with out watching the first. 

We don't have cable.
We don't have Netflix.
We don't have Hulu Plus.

We've chosen not to, because we (meaning me especially) tend to become enslaved by the TV.

Curiosity got the best of me.

It was from watching Downton Abbey from un-reputable sites that I picked up the virus. After two days of downing (no pun intended) the first season, my computer started acting weird and then died.

Oh, but it was so good!
You can download a .pdf of all the characters with descriptions from PBS.

  Please don't lecture me on piracy either. I'm a sinner and I know it.

If you like historical fiction, you love this show.
If you like fashion in the least, you'll LOVE the show.
I love this show.

The second season was amazing. That season was on Thank goodness.
 I am so excited for season three, I could burst. 

Lesson learned.


Craftcherry said...

I love Downton Abbey...I caught the first season on Netflix a couple months ago. I'll have to check and see if they have season 2. If not that's really great that PBS does! Can't wait to see it!

Christina Rambo said...

You might have to hurry though, Cerise. I think they are limiting the time that season two is up! But, I also know it's on Netflix worries. : )