Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Awesome 80's Toys...mostly, but not all, for girls

From the last post, I kept remembering...
These were my favorites as I grew a bit:
Four of my favorite things in one place.
Care Bears
My Little Ponies
Strawberry Shortcake and friends
Rose Petal and friends

Barbie was great, but Jem and the Holograms = AWESOME.
I still have my Jem, Raja, and Kimber dolls. (When I was little, I wanted to change my name to Kimber.)

Pogo Ball...mine was a silver ball with black platform.

Rainbow Bright...See the shining light...

Debbie Mildred was my first. Bo Jackson, Octavia Odessa, and Egberta Alvina completed my Cabbage Patch family. Egberta? Really Xavier? You must have been running out of "one of a kind" names.

I had dozens of these. They were so fun to trade with friends.

Gwenyth WILL have this game. I was so jealous of friends that had this game.

Coolest way to learn ever. I had the math one.

I had plenty of reels, but my favorite was the stills from Michael Jackson's Thriller video.

No words need to be said about the next toy.
 My neighbor friend had this Night Rider one.

I had the Smurf.

Best part of the Big Wheel experience: "spin outs."

What were some of your favorite childhood toys?


sara ericson said...

kimber - love it! so freaking funny. i was partial to jem, myself. i adored magic nursery babies, my fisher price record player (that was in your last post), my red rider trike, making jewelry with my pop beads, and a wicked old black telephone that was used back in the day. love these nostalgic posts, chris!

Christina Rambo said...

YES!! Red Rider trike...with streamers.

amyadams said...

Oh my gosh! Total flash back! Thanks for that. I loved my little ponies, care bears and rainbow brite!