Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter Fun!

I'm not Winter's biggest fan. Trodding through snow is tiring and well, cold. I hate the feeling of being cold. I never complain of the summer heat, not even on 100 degree 99% humidity days. 

But over the weekend, something changed my heart a little...

Oh man! She's stinkin' cute!!!
I love that little tongue sticking out.

I might have to like Winter now.

And who knew? Trooper is a sled dog.


Heather and Eric said...

Super cute!! Quite the little snow suit she has, too. Did Gwen like the cold? Or maybe she didn't mind it in the full body get-up!

Rw said...

love the shades!

Christina Rambo said...

Heather...that little suit is like an oven. It's a London Fog suit I found at Savers!

She didn't wine ONCE. The shades were a must though, otherwise her poor little eyes would water like crazy.