Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Friendly Reminder, Folks...

Back up your files regularly!

I apologize for my absence.
My computer has a virus.
In attempting to get rid of said virus,
I ruined my computer even more.
It doesn't even start...


I think God might be teaching me something.
I might spend too much time on my computer.
But, it's hard when the things you do to bring in the money
have to be done on the computer.

Dropping off my computer today for someone else to deal with.
I will try and update using other computers,
but it will probably be slow here for a while.

I am THANKFUL for technology. I am Thankful for technology. I am thankful for technology.
I am thankful especially today for a little white USB hard drive that has 
all of my files
and all of my pictures
and all of my videos
Of Gwen's life thus far


1 comment:

Julia said...

I hadn't thought twice about the fact that all our family pictures were on the computer until the laptop started junking out on us. Started saving them to disks every year and putting them in a fireproof safe!