Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Theater, The Theater...

I do love the theater...SO much!

For Christmas this year, G-ma and G-pa and Mike and I bought my nieces tickets to see the Lion King today. It's the second time I have seen it, and the second time was just as magical as the first. If you haven't seen this show...even if Disney isn't your taste (Lion King, the movie, is at the bottom of my favorites), this show is AH-MAY-ZING.

I have been to many stage shows. I love Broadway. I feel close to God when I am watching a great show. I know that might seem extreme to some people, but how else can the creativity and talent be explained?! I am pretty sure I have cried at every Broadway show I've been to. Not necessarily because of the story line, but simply because of the BEAUTY of the music, the voices, the dancing, the costumes, the scenery. I feel blessed that these people are sharing their talent with those of us in the audience. It is awe inspiring.


Julia said...

What happened to the theater? Especially where dancing is concerned. Couldn't help myself when I saw the title. Actually got Jon to sit and watch White Christmas in its entirety this year! So jealous of your niece's by the way. Rent is my all time favortie, but Lion King is on my list of must see. Maybe a birdie can pass the word to Jon??

Heather and Eric said...

I don't find it weird at all that you feel closer to God watching theater! I also get mom & I both cried at the end of Mamma Mia! last year. The talent was just so amazing & we felt so privileged to be there & see it together! Sometimes I feel closer to God when I am in the shower! I just feel so fortunate to have full water pressure & hot water, that I often say a prayer.

Rw said...

My kids were beside me in May 2001 when we saw The Lion King in NYC. The costumes were unlike anything I'd ever seen, the music and movement, powerful. In a culture where we are obsessed with 'earning a living' artistry is often smothered at an early age. God invites us to co-create and rejoices. Is it too bold to see theater as cathedral? Rw

Christina Rambo said...

Julia- Somehow, someway, a birdie will fly around Jon's head : )
If you want to see a great dance show, this is one of them, but Billy Elliot is AMAZING.

Heather- Mamma Mia was SO Fun! The end of the show was the best. I also got really emotional watching the animated Rapunzel movie. Though not Broadway, the voices in that film and the music are that high quality.

Renee- It was a great conversation to have with my nieces after the show to talk of how many "jobs" there are in just one show. When they are so young they tend to think the actors/dancers are the only ones who get paid.