Sunday, January 29, 2012

Simplify Sunday

This was all Mike! He spent almost two full days simplifying his music closet. I am proud of him. He got rid of a HUGE game he made which had lots of sentimental value.
oh my...can't really see the floor

This was actually clean. I usually couldn't get in the freezer; drove me NUTS!

ooooooo!  ahhhhhh!

Mike wanted me to point out that the bins are mine. They hold memorabelia. Going thru them is one of my simplification goals.

Look at all the space!

This is the game he got rid of. Mike made all this! He started in high school, maybe even middle school. It was actually out of rebellion; his parents wouldn't let him get a video game. If my kids rebel like this, I will be so proud! He's so creative.


Heather and Eric said...

And, like the book The Happiness Project suggested, leaving an empty shelf can help it feel even more organized! I love your simplify sundays. I took out some kitchen supplies I never use & some old curtains out of our linen felt good!

Christina Rambo said...

Good for you, Heather! Mike and I both did our closets and dresser last night. I also did the linen closet. I look forward to sharing. It feels so great! Like shedding unwanted weight.

Rw said...

Looks like there may be room on that shelf with Gwen for something new? Empty spaces seem to invite God's next adventure. Keep blogging!