Sunday, January 15, 2012

Simplify Sunday

What do you do with all those know the stray ones that aren't in a book? The ones you just print off the internet or copy from a friend.

I had dreams of copying them all onto cute recipe cards and storing them in a fabulous hand made box.

Then, my collection of recipes suddenly (*lie--over the years of "I'll get to that later"*) became this:

I have let go of the dream, because the idea of hours upon hours of handwriting or re-printing is stopping me from using these recipes.
So: TA DA!
 Binder, page protectors, post-it notes.
Not real fancy, but very functional.
It took 20 minutes.


Julia said...

That's actually what I do! I got an old photo album filled with recipes from the church choir as a wedding gift(the one with the peel back sticky pages). There were still several open pages so when my pile gets too big I sit down and cut em up and stick em in. And post-it note markers - yup!

Heather and Eric said...

I did this same thing not too long ago & I did a blog post about it, but never posted it! I liked that it didn't take that long & it should be pretty easy to add to it. I saw that meal planning is one of your goals...I like Jane's blog She posts quite a few recipes and tries to shoot for healthier ones.