Sunday, December 25, 2011

Simplify Sunday

These were two drawers full of stuff. You know...the kind of full that when you are in a hurry, something catches at the top so you can't get it open type of full. 


 Got rid of: 6 spatulas, 2 cork screws, a worthless plastic cheese grater.
We used to have all of our grilling utensils in here too. Those are now out in the porch closet with the rest of our outdoor cook and dinner ware.

Got rid of: SEVERAL broken or duplicate measuring spoons and cups.
Moved chords for the popcorn maker and the griddle to be with the proper appliance.
For some reason I used the think my baking drawer was a good spot for canning lids/tops. Now they are in our basement storage area with the canning jars. I can't believe the space those all those little lids took up.
This was our "junk" drawer. It had all the packaging/wraps for the kitchen plus other stuff we just didn't know where to put.
 We put the gum in with our candy/sweets container which sits on the counter.
 We had LOTS of stuff for the dogs: medicine, toothbrush and paste, anti-gas tablets (if you've never experienced the gas of a Lab before, I pray you never do), etc. Now that is in the front porch closet with all the other dog stuff.
 We did go against the advice of "put like stuff" together (and never have a junk drawer), because the screwdriver and measuring tape are something that we need often and that's just really more convenient than going down to the basement where the tools are. Lazy...I know.
We also kept batteries in here which are now stored with light bulbs and other "replaceable" things in the porch closet.

How's it going? Are you organizing/simplifying?
I plan to do some over the Holiday "break."



thousandpapercranes said...

I love reading your simplify sunday posts. They're inspiring, especially as we get ready to move. Today I've been pulling apart my kitchen thinking is it work it to ship this to WI? Nope. Probably not....
I found this idea on a blog that I might use for organizing our next kitchen.

Christina Rambo said...

I love the idea in general of hanging things! Brilliant.

Have I mentioned my excitement of your return?!!!!!