Sunday, December 11, 2011

Simplify Sunday

The organizer helped us evaluate what we use often and what we use occasionally. The difference between often and occasional is a great thing to keep in mind when organizing.

We only keep four place settings of dishes with in reach. When we have company, it's easy to bring out the step stool. Now...I do dishes more often and the dirty dishes get WAY less overwhelming (we don't have a dishwasher). Keeping things minimal, keeps the kitchen cleaner.

We really evaluated mugs. The organizer said she only has one for her and one for her husband easily accessible. I have to admit though, I like a good mug. A few of them had sentimental value. In the end, we consolidated to our 8 "place setting" mugs and four "extra" favorite mugs. I also couldn't part with the stack of hand made ceramic bowls. They were gifts from dear friends.

We did part with SEVERAL water bottles. Ugh. Water bottles were once quite the rage as "freebies" from places. We kept two water bottles and two "to go" coffee thermos cups. The water bottles and to go cups used to take up an entire shelf.

We had lots of stem ware too. Consolidated to 8.

Where the extra dishes are now used to be filled with disposable dishware. We hardly ever use that and when we do, it's mostly for summer cook outs. So, it was all put into a storage bin and put in our porch closet.

Keep organizing! Let me know if you've done any lately?

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