Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Christmas Time

It's Gwenny's First Christmas!

This shelf which is usually full of decorations and pictures becomes the Nativity wall.
 I think this is my favorite arrangement yet. He changes it every year...unlike me, I set mine up the same every time.
This is Mike's artillery nativity set. It's made of Olive tree wood...which makes it way more Holy than my Willow Tree or Precious Moments nativities. He always says "Precious Moments" in a very mocking tone. He's just jealous, because that one is so special that it goes in our bedroom : )

They had Giraffes at the stable, right?

So pretty!

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Blu House MP (morning person) said...

the giraffe made me laugh and YES i think in some way all of creation walked in the stable. keep blogging your beautiful images. Rw