Sunday, November 20, 2011

Welcome to the first SIMPLIFY SUNDAY!

A few weeks ago, I teased you with a post about a life changing visitor. A dear friend of mine bought me a gift certificate for an hour with a professional organizer. I mean to do it before Gwen, but that didn't happen.

This woman is a genius. Now, I am rather proud of my organizing skills, but I just had the worst time with my kitchen. It was so amazing to have a different perspective and everything just made sense! 

Since I started real estate photography, I have been inspired not just by architecture and decorating, but by SIMPLICITY. Houses that are up for sale are often "staged." There is just enough out to look homey, but it's easy to see the potential of your stuff in there. 

We have so much stuff. We have so much stuff that we put stuff in storage and forget about it. We have so much stuff and often multiples of stuff. The organizer pulled out 8 spatulas. EIGHT. Who needs 8 spatulas? We ended up with 2. One for cooking and a nice silver one for serving. 

The spatulas have inspired me to simplify; to minimalize. 

It's overwhelming, yes. But, if we do it in small steps, it can get done. Fifteen minutes a day, or 15 minutes a week. It's worth it. The feeling of weight lifted. Living simple. I am ready!

Are you?

Will you take the challenge with me? Let's do it together. Drawer by drawer, room by room. It might take years, but let's get it done.

This is my dining room closet. It USED to be filled with kitchen stuff...trays, crock pot, roaster, cake carrier, and more. Now it is truly our cleaning/utility closet and we can actually hang coats and put hats and scarves and such on the top shelf!

This is a rolling counter that is also in our dining room. It was filled with kettles, and a griddle as well as the mixer. Now, it's just the mixer-- and that's only because it is TOO TALL for any of the lower cupboards in the kitchen, and I don't really want to have to carry this thing over my head : )

All the kitchen stuff is now actually in the kitchen!

Conquer something this week and let me know what you did. It doesn't need to be big.


Heather and Eric said...

Inspiring, Chris. Before I put up some Christmas decor, I am hoping to do a bit of organizing. Now I am a bit more inspired.

Julia said...

I am on board! I actually just found a blog "I Heart Organizing" that I'm totally in love with. When I was reading the bio, discovered this woman is from somewhere in Western Wisconsin. Maybe we can start a simplifying revolution! But yes, it will take years to do and with kids in the mix probably even longer :)

Christina Rambo said...

Julia! Will you please send me an email message?? Apparently I didn't add your new address to my contacts. Your pictures are up-- I added them to the site I did for the girls...