Sunday, November 27, 2011

Simplify Sunday!

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Did you do any organizing? Did you get rid of anything?

So. Here is my new spice drawer!
I have always wanted a nice spice rack with matching containers. But, that requires money. I'm just not willing to spend my money on new spice containers. I'd rather spend it on 

I used to have my spices on a tiny spinning rack in one of the upper cupboards. I would have to use the step ladder to access my spices. Plus, not all of the spices fit on that tiny rack so, they were randomly put in the space around the spice rack.

When the organizer brought them all down, we found several duplicates of spices, because a bunch had fallen behind the spice rack. I thought we were out, so I bought more : )

This was just all so silly!

Who'd a thunk? A spice drawer. Right by the stove...where we cook.

GOT RID OF: spice rack

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