Monday, September 5, 2011

Mommy Monday

Here's my baby. I am soaking up all the cuddle time that I possibly can, because she is growing so stinkin' fast! She is so smiley, but still not really laughing/giggling...that only happens on occasion. She is holding her bottle on her own if it's down to 2 ounces or so, and if she's not almost sleeping ; )


Heather and Eric said...

I really like the photo in the right upper corner. I had to say it, but her expression looks more like a toddler's, than a baby's. Keep cuddling!
Heather M.

Heather and Eric said...

I meant "hate to say it." But at only 16 weeks, looks like you still have lots of cuddle time. There is that better?

thousandpapercranes said...

she is so cute! I love seeing the pictures you post