Monday, August 8, 2011

Mommy (bird) Monday

So, my dad found this place. He's been telling me about it all spring and summer. A few weeks ago, I was finally able to go see it for myself. I never knew places like this existed. I assumed birds just made nests where ever. Great Blue Herons, though, I think they believe that it takes a community...

You can click on these pictures to see the big versions.
This is only a TINY section of the Rookery. There must be 20 nests total. I think my dad said he once counted more than 50 birds at one time.

It feels like another world. I felt I had stepped back in time...pre-historic...because they kind of remind me of Terradactals. How the heck do you spell that?

The babies are getting very big. Many nests are empty because all the babies flew the coup.
You can do it!  Just jump!!

These three were just hangin' out...
Then, Mom came with some food.
I've never heard such a ruckuss. They were very excited...
They seem a bit demanding. Do you ever feel that way, moms? : )
She's all like, "enough of this..."
And they're all like, "aww, man..."
What are they saying to each other? Give me your best quote in the comments section!

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jimnchetek said...

You did get some great photos of the Herons! The greatest thing, though, was having you along photographing them with me. Love you. Dad