Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Top Ten at Ten Weeks

Top Ten Cliches that are COMPLETELY and UTTERLY TRUE (in no particular order) about parenthood and babies.

1. They change right before your eyes. I swear to you, while she was napping the other day, her lips got fuller as I was watching.

2.  They grow up way too fast. It's been 10 weeks already! She's about 13 pounds. She is getting this little personality. I can tell the difference between her cries, but I'm certain she was just born last week

3. You would do anything for your kids.  Yup.

4.  Even if your day has been long and tough, one smile from them makes it all worth it. UGH...I love her smile, and today...she laughed...for the first time. She's been working up to it. So far laughing has been more like coughing. Today though...she laughed. It was amazing!  I called for Mike to come and see and he BOLTED up the stairs while Trooper took the opportunity to eat devour his cereal, but daddy didn't care, the giggles were worth it.

5. It is an intense love that you don't understand until your a parent. Agreed. I want to catch every moment. I want to meet her every need. I want to teach her everything possible. I read out loud to don't understand...that was something I was NOT looking forward to. I told Mike that would be his job.

6. Baby bottoms ARE incredibly smooth and soft : )

7. You can never have enough burp rags.  Good Grief!  I think God gave me a spitter-upper so that I would gradually get over my disgust/fear of vomit. 

8. You will just know what she needs. I was so worried about how much to feed her, when to feed her, how to comfort her, but I know...I just do.

9. The little girl has Daddy wrapped around her little finger.  He is smitten. I LOVE it. My favorite is eavesdropping on the silly songs he sings to her and the goofy noises he makes to see her smile. 

10. The bond between Mother and Child is a miracle. I remember so many times holding someone else's baby and not being able to comfort them, but instantly when I handed them back to their mother, the crying stopped. I longed for that someday. It's happened a few times now. She is fussy for someone and I take her and she is almost instantly calmed. It's kind of overwhelming how much she knows that I am her mother. I love it.


Sara said...

number 7 is sooo true! Orion was a total spitter-upper too. And I had an intese fear of vomit as well. It is not as bad now. However, I still can't handle in in adults. :P

Julia said...

Seriously how did it get to be 10 weeks? Totally agree with the top ten and laugh about the burp rags. That was Lydia. Let's just say the carpet in the living room was in need of a major cleaning before her 1st birthday. She's adorable!