Monday, June 27, 2011

Mommy Monday--Top Ten List

Top Ten Things I have learned about being a Mommy...In no particular order.
Yup...she's totally pooping in that bottom left photo. It's hard work!
1. Get ready get dressed in clothes other than your pajamas.  Do you hair and make-up. Keep it simple, but getting ready makes me feel better, more awake, more human.

2.  Make the nursery pretty...somewhere where you like to be, because you spend a TON of time there.  Here is our nursery.

3.  The things taught in The Happiest Baby on the Block work like a charm.

4.  No matter how much you think you don't need a swing, because they take up lots of space...they don't take up that need a swing.

5.  I would not be sane if not for grandmas and grandpas.
6.  You get really good at doing things (like typing for instance) with one hand and picking stuff up with your feet.

7.  My baby is the CUTEST baby on the planet.

8.  I will never take a shower for granted again...especially if they are long enough to shave my legs

9.  A dear friend Phoebe told me "remember...YOU are the mom."  You will receive plenty of advice, but how you raise/take care of your baby is up to YOU.

10.  All the cliche sayings are completely true.  The time flies and they grow too fast.


sara ericson said...

haha, #4 - definitely!! molly used her swing until she was over 1 year old. sshhhhh, don't tell anyone.......she wasn't 'supposed' to. ; )

mg said...

super-cool blog. i am glad to read that things are going well. love, michael