Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This is the Last Week!

I go in on Friday to be induced.  It's coming too fast, yet not fast enough.  Does that even make sense?

PS:  Do all the images look blurry on your computer too?  I'm a bit frustrated as it seems only on my Blogger site that the photos seems blurry.  Would you leave me a comment if that is or is not the case on your computer?  Thanks!


sara ericson said...

slightly blurry.
but seriously. chris, you are the. most. adorable. full-termer e-v-e-r!! i'm really not just saying that.
if you guys are accepting visitors after you have her, put us on your 'call list'. praying for you this week! : )

jimnchetek said...


Only a couple of days to go! Let us know if we can do anything, anything, anything. Photos are a little blurry but not objectionable. I noticed the Palm Sunday photos are clear. Do you reduce the size before publishing them on the blog?

Love you

Sara said...

the only one that seems blurry is the one on the left in these. other than that they don't look blurry over here...

I am so psyched for you to meet your little girl, I cannot wait to see pictures.

Julia said...

I, too, feel only the one on the left is blurry.
I remember in the first few weeks after Lydia was born I'd get so excited at even a little bubble in my stomache and then I had to remind myself that Lydia wasn't in there anymore. You get so used to the feeling, but just wait for all the cuddling you'll get to do! I thought Lydia was a mover, but this one is going crazy in there.
Enjoy these last couple days and praying you have a smooth induction and delivery!

Jami Nato said...

dude you look hot. you'll do great on friday. seriously, everyone tells you what to do...don't worry about it.

thousandpapercranes said...

Chris I'm so excited for you!
We're praying for you guys and can't wait to meet her!