Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Phase 2

We are in PROJECT mode...and by we, I really mean almost everyone but me. My husband, his dad, my dad, my mom, his mom...all doing crazy amounts of work on our house right now. My only job is painting trim. I rock at trim. Painter's tape is a waste of time. The rest of the time, I watch, somewhat helplessly as the others pound and break things, install things, and stain things. THEY EVEN DO MY DISHES! I am forever grateful for family. I am grateful for help. We can't do everything on our own. Sometimes that's humbling to admit, but asking for help has brought us AND our families great joy!

Trim around the new opening is up. The doors are all stained and waiting to be installed.
Tiling around the tub just needs to be caulked. It's so pretty and shiny!
Wainscoating is up...LOVE!!! No more cheesy 70's gold marbled paneling.
Next to go in is the new flooring. Under the old vanity, we found what I think was probably the original flooring pattern circa 1938-40.
Quite Art Deco, I think.

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