Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Not a Joke

Yup...That's my husband. 
One of the things I love most about my husband is his humor and the fact that he doesn't really get embarrassed.  We are complete opposites in that way.

He is ready for the April Fool's Pillow Fight put on by Volume One, the local arts and entertainment magazine. 
I'm glad they have pillow inspectors.

So, for five minutes, people pillow fight.  I'm pregnant.  I stayed out of it.

Mike is the one with the blue pillow at HIS SIDE (what the? this is a fight!) while the line of pillows attack him.  I love the diagonal of the pillow line;  great composition if I do say so myself.

A parking lot full of pillow fighters.

Who leave a parking lot full of stuffing and feathers.

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