Monday, April 4, 2011's all about projects around here.  Planning, preparing, BUYING!  You think the trips to the home improvement store are gonna be so fun and then reality hits.  There are SO MANY choices!!  I don't think I could ever build a house.  Sometimes, I just need someone to make the decisions for me.

So, before baby gets here, we are doing some little things and a some BIG things to the house.
New runner for the stairs.  That's one of the little things.

We re-arranged the living room to start getting used to the fact that this wall will soon be open and a set of French doors will be added : )  oooooo!  AHHHH!!  That's definitely a BIG thing.

See that roll of Linoleum on the floor?  Woo hoo!  It's going to replace the old stuff which just never looks clean no matter how much I scrub.  

Just wait.  It get's BIGGER.

And while we're at it...
Let's  paint a lovely fresco style wall on top and GET RID of the 70's gold "marble" wall paneling shall we?
Oh pretty purple walls, I did love you.  Perfect matching shower curtain, I will miss you, but let's face it, I only used you, because nothing else would work with the 70's "marble" wall paneling.  

So...the bathroom is going to be REDONE!  We are going to install a fan, tile around the bathtub, change the floor, paint the walls.  We ordered a new vanity that actually has STORAGE so, we'll have a place to put some baby supplies.  

I am really excited...we've been saving for this since we bought the house six years ago.

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sara ericson said...

VERY cool!! french doors - love it! you are going to adore everything once it's done, chris. perfect little house waiting for a perfect little baby....... i hope you're feeling better?!