Monday, April 25, 2011

Mommy Monday

I keep chanting to myself, "three weeks to go; three weeks to go."  Because of the gestational diabetes and being insulin dependent, they are going to induce me a week early.  I'm okay with that...okay with a scheduled time to go the hospital.  The waiting game doesn't appeal to me much, especially if I would go over my due date!  

Any way.  As most pregnant woman at this stage, I am ready to be doneReady to hold her in my arms, although I know I will miss feeling her move in my belly.  I am just SO not comfortable.  Achy, sore, ick.  

Then, there is the heartburnSERIOUSLY.  There have been many a night that I just slept in the recliner downstairs.  Well, one night last week, I woke up with it yet again.  Mike asked if I was going to go sleep in the recliner and I told him no, because it was too smelly downstairs.  (We--and by we I mean my husband and his dad and my parents and everyone but me--are putting in French doors in the living room area and the stain was very smelly).  I preferred to stay in the closed off bedroom with the fan running and windows open. 

So, I quick got up to go the the bathroom, like I do five other times a night and I hear "ka-bump, ka-bump, ka-bump..."  MY HUSBAND BROUGHT THE RECLINER INTO OUR ROOM.  How sweet is that???!!!  That is just a taste of the things he does for me.  He has been the kindest most patient man.  I have been the one that has lost patience with the preggo lady.

I didn't even make the bed for you...gettin' real here people.  Oh...and pay no attention to the unfolded laundry in the back...that rarely happens *totally lying.*

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sara ericson said...

wow, mike just earned an extra gem on his crown for that one; how thoughtful and sweet!! : )