Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Got the doors in today.  They will be stained to match the dark trim in our house.  I am SO EXCITED!  It's going to look so beautiful.

Runner... Check!  Mike put it in all by himself, my handy man : )
Pay no attention to that hideous wallpaper at the top of the stairs.  It shall come down!!

The texture on the walls of the bathroom...SUPER FUN to do!  Look HERE.
I really like the vintage look of the mirror, but I still want a modern looking bathroom. So...

A little spray paint does the trick.
Oh, and a coat of fresh paint helps too.

But turn around, and there is still lots of work to do!


sara ericson said...

how exciting, chris! the updates look great!! miss you!

Julia said...

And I thought painting the living room and bedroom were an undertaking. Looks awesome!