Wednesday, March 23, 2011

St. Patty's Day...

Yup...that's my hubby standing on the railing, playing the accordion. 

Last year, the Shillelagh Lads played at this restaurant on St. Patty's day too.  Last year, they were stuck in a tiny corner of the bar area underneath the television.  

This year, they have their own room...a room filled to the brim with happy people.  I don't mean drunk happy people.  Just people celebrating community and traditional Irish music.

I wish you could all experience the joy of a SLL show.  These videos do NO justice.  

The Irish Dancers are the newest addition to the SLL show.  They are AMAZING!  The amount of talent in Eau Claire, WI continues to astound me.
Check out my wildly talented husband HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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