Monday, March 28, 2011

Mommy Monday

Wish me luck today...I go in to learn how to give myself insulin shots.  BLAH.

I was originally diagnosed a few weeks ago with a "NOT full blown" form of gestational diabetes.  I did a three hour glucose test and only the first hour check came back high.  The other two were normal.  But, just in case, the midwife ordered another ultra sound just to check the size of the baby.  
I have been following a pretty strict low carb/sugar diet, and checking my glucose levels six (sometimes more) times a day.  My numbers have been good for the most part, especially after I saw the dietitian.  But, the ultra sound showed that baby's tummy is a bit large--in the 90th percentile.  She's fast on her way to becoming too big too fast unless I start insulin.  The midwife was pretty shocked (as was I).  She doesn't see this very often...when numbers are good, but baby is still bigger.  

Oh well.  I will do what I have to do...knowing it's temporary and knowing it's best for a healthy baby.

Even so, it is disappointing to now be a "higher risk" pregnancy.  Plus, I don't get to see the midwives anymore.  I have to see an OB.  Not that I don't like the OB''s just I really LOVED the midwives. If there is a "perk," though, it's that I will have a few more ultra sounds yet.  I love ultra sounds.  I love any chance to see her!


sara ericson said...

you'll never stop amazing yourself in what you will do/give up/put yourself through/sacrifice for your kids. and you look fantastic. hang in there, chris!

Olive Inspired said...

Hi Chris! Thought I'd drop in and say hello - I'm loving your blog! (and what a beautiful photo!) You're going to be such a great momma... congratulations!! I hope everything is going well for you!