Monday, January 31, 2011

Mommy Monday--a reflective one...

I have been reflecting a lot these last two weeks on how blessed I am.  I am blessed to, so far, have had a very healthy, normal pregnancy.  I pray it continues as such.  I pray that I carry this baby full term and that she is healthy and happy. 

I have been reflecting on how grateful and proud I am of the two of us for making it this far, because my life seems to be filling with people that aren't so fortunate. 

*  a close friend who miscarried recently
*  a close friend who's daughter will soon have surgery to fix the bones in her skull that haven't quite healed
*  family who has been desperately trying for YEARS and just got a negative test after their in-vetro ( and just an aside...I pray for a miracle, Lord.  That the test was wrong! )
*  church members who delivered a 20 week old fetus because her water broke
*  church members who's daughter is needing surgery/biopsy on her intestines

I can't imagine the pain and anguish.  I find myself questioning -- why me?  Why am I getting this and others aren't?  Then, I really has nothing to do with me.  As hard as it may be to accept, God gives and He takes away.  I am just so thankful that He is giving to me right now.  He never said that life would be easy.  He just promised He'd be with us when it gets hard.  Goodness knows, I have been through it, and I am sure there will be PLENTY of hard times in the future.  I just pray that the people going through it now, find peace and know that God is with them AND are reminded that He works for the good. a SMALL effort to help those who aren't as fortunate, my Folk Art class and I have been busy knitting baby hats for Warm Up America.  It's a great cause.  Check it out and make some stuff!!


Sarah said...

Congrats on the healthy and happy pregnancy! A total blessing. <3

P.S. Those hats are adorable.

Sara said...

...wait what... you teach a folk art class. is that at school? if it is totally unfair.... :P

I pray that you will nourish the blessings you are receiving and hope that they will last for a long time.