Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Love Animals

Animals have such personality.  I just get a kick out of them.  Enjoy!

Kitty's favorite place to lay is in front of the heat vent.  Usually, though, she lays with her back to it a foot or two away.  She must have been really cold this day.  She's like a little Marilyn Monroe.  Oh...and I usually don't have a onesie on her.  She had a lump removed and that is to keep her from scratching the stitches.

I'm not a huge cat lover...mostly because I am allergic.  But, meet Dan and Poppy.  Poppy is the kitten.  I can't tell if Dan is happy to play with Poppy or just really annoyed.  Maybe that's why I don't like cats so much...they are so hard to read.  Either way, this is fun to watch.  Oh and sorry about the sideways video.


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Unknown said...

What kind of dog is that? She is so adorable!!! :)