Monday, December 6, 2010

Mommy Monday

So...I have actually considered myself a mommy for five years already.  I am mommy to two doggies, Trooper (our 80 pound lab) and Kitty (short for Katerina Ivanovanov, our 10 pound pekingese).  Sometimes, they get in just as much trouble as kids do.

The other day, I came home to be greeted by Kitty at the door, but no Trooper.  My husband was at a gig so, I knew Trooper was not with him.  I stared calling his name...nothing.  I started SHOUTING his name as I quickly moved about the house.

A few minutes later, Mike got home and I, panicked, asked him where Trooper was to which he replied he had no idea.  Both of us started scouring the house calling and calling his name.  We heard nothing.  I am FREAKING out...expecting to find him laying somewhere dead.

Finally, I heard Mike open our bed room door and yell "found him!"  We usually keep our bedroom door shut so that Trooper doesn't lay on our bed.  That day, we must have left it open and Trooper somehow shut HIMSELF inside, which seems so impossible for a dog to do, because we have to pull/slam very hard for the knob to catch .

What gets me is that he didn't bark or make a peep when we were frantically calling him.  He usually barks as soon as he hears the front door open!  I think he knew he was making mischief:

As I was cleaning up,  I just kept saying to myself, "I love you and I am glad you are okay"  through gritted teeth.  I tell ya...just as bad as kids.

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Sara said...

Ha! I spy the Belly Book! I so had that when I was pregnant with Orion. :P