Thursday, November 11, 2010

You Wanna do a Project with me?

Right now, one of my classes is making altered books.  I just love this project!  I have felt very inspired to do one myself.  For about 5 weeks now, I have been tired, nauseous, and unproductive.  Watching the kids work on their books has inspired me and I want to make one!

I would love you to join me if you are so inspired.  In the next couple of days/weeks look for posts of my progress AND I will post some technique tutorials too.

Here is some inspiration to for you...

If you want a FANTASTIC book about making altered art, check out:
Altered Art: Techniques for Creating Altered Books, Boxes, Cards & More

Look forward to the next post showing you how to section off pages.  I will also give you some prompts/ideas for concepts for a few pages if you need some inspiration. 

For now, go find and old book!

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