Monday, November 8, 2010

Mommy Monday!

Baby Booties
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This is my first official Mommy Monday post! That's right, I am going to be a mommy. I am over the moon excited!!!!!

I am due May 20. I am 12 weeks along. Not going to lie, it's been really really hard. I have been nauseous beyond belief. In the morning, I actually feel great. It's the afternoon and evening that I feel pretty terrible. Hence, my lack of posting, lack of projects getting done, lack of doing anything productive.

Tomorrow is the day I finally get to hear this baby's heartbeat. I can't wait! My hubby is actually bringing a recorder--gotta love those musicians.

I look forward to sharing many Mommy posts with you.


Sara said...

*screams with excitement* YAY!!!!!! You know, I was actually thinking you were hinting at that. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is super exciting!!! Hey I was wondering can I email you some questions?

Christina Rambo said...

Absolutely! you can email me some questions. passionpursenality at geemail dot com.