Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm Over Fall...

Orange is one of my favorite colors, but I am over the warm
colors for a bit. I'm ready for some cool tones, some icey blues.

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 Sashiko Star - Tsumami Style Flower Brooch
Find this HERE.

Dark Chocolate and Teal- Genuine Fur Necktie with Teal Ribbon
Find this HERE.

Pestled aventurine - Silk/BabyCamel/Merino Yarn Lace weight
Find this HERE.

ooo!  And some purples...
Lavender and Purple ruffle wristlet (X-Large)
 Find this HERE.

Moonlit Skies ring with Geode Agate and sterling silver
Find this HERE.

Purple Clutch with Rhinestone Flower
Find this HERE.

Winter...bring it on.

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