Monday, October 18, 2010

Do It Yourself: Fine Art Watercolor

I have been wanting a fresh, funky picture to frame in our guest bedroom.  You can make paintings like this too!  All you need is watercolor paper, Elmer's white glue, and some watercolors.

1.  Make sure you have a design ready in your head.  Unfortunately, you don't want to mark it out with pencil, because the glue dries clear and you will see it.  BUT the thing I love about this project is the organic/imperfect quality of it.

2.  Draw your design with Elmer's white glue onto your watercolor paper.
Use a good amount.  The glue should NOT be flat to the paper.
3.  Let it dry overnight.  It will look like this:

4.  Using a spray bottle or running it under the tap, soak your paper with water.

5.  Using watercolors, splatter your paper with color!  Have fun!  Don't think too much.   Just do it!

6.  Every now and then pick up your paper and tilt it to spread the color around.
 Do this until you are happy and call it done!  Let it dry overnight, frame it and hang it : )
All dry.
Here's a still life with a teapot, jar, and fruit.  Wouldn't it go nicely in a kitchen?

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