Friday, September 10, 2010

Re-use Paper Pad

Do you save paper that has one good side?  I do...I feel like that good side is still usable for something!

So, start by cutting the paper into all the same size...the size you would like your notepad to be.  Depending on the use of the notepad, you might want to be very exact.  I use mine for passes at school, so, I don't measure too exactly : /

Next, make sure that the all the paper is aligned flush at the "top" of your notepad. Tap it against the table...that's a good trick.

Put the "top" edge just over a table ledge and weigh the paper down carefully (so it doesn't shift) with a heavy book or something of the sort.

Get some Modge Podge!  I LOVE this stuff.  

Brush a nice, thick, gloopy coat onto the top edge of your notepad.

Let that dry thoroughly, and TaDa!  You have a notepad.

If you want a fancier pad for a gift or use around your home, back it with some cardboard. You could even attach a magnet to the back of the cardboard and put it on your 'fridge : )

It's also very fun to personalize your notepads with a stamp or other decoration!

Have a fun weekend!

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