Monday, September 27, 2010

My Church

I LOVED walking into the wall of sound that was being produced this week.  It was so inspiring.  It lead me to reflect on how much I love my church/church family.  Check it out.  I would love for you to come! 

I have never experienced a place like this.  Open, honest, loving, REAL.  There's no pretending here and we help each other through the struggles.  The thing about my God.  He never promised bad things weren't going to happen.  He never promised life would be easy.  But, MY God suffered for me and continues to suffer with me when I am in the valley.  I thank Him that he has sent me to this place to be in community with these people who also rejoice and suffer with me.

This is what I do during worship...

I did this one with my little buddy Alex : )

I love being in a place that encourages your gifts and talents! 

Okay, Okay.  I PROMISE tomorrow I will reveal a the big secret about my digital designs AND will announce the winner of the Business Casual Digital kit give-a-way. You can still enter!

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