Monday, August 30, 2010

T-shirt make-over

I love Craftzine.  I have found many fun projects including this cute made-over t-shirt.  

 I took it one step further and cut off the other sleeve too.  Too cute and VERY easy!


Sara said...

thats neat! Hey I was searching for your pancake recipe and I stumbled on your studio shots, you mentioned a picture on the wall that someone drew... Could we get a close up shot of that... I am like having a total brain fart right now. But was that during Cinderella? cause I totally remember either seeing that drawing from someone in my class... or something... its driving me crazy. :)

Christina Rambo said...

Silly girl!! You drew it!!! :)
It was from Cinderella. We were studying "Realism" in Art History and you were asked to create a piece of artwork that depicted someone doing honest, everyday work.

Sara said...

Really??? maybe that is why it is driving me crazy... I had that as a possibility in my mind. But back then I could really whip out the drawings... Highschool is really becoming such a blur. I guess that tends to happen after you have kids... But yeah can I see it up close again.

Sara said...

anyway that really makes me feel special. :D